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    Gold Nugget Days ... Queen Contest ...Parade (Golden Heroes!) ... Depot Park Party Gold Nugget Museum  Today

    Gold Nugget Days celebrates the finding of a 54-pound gold nugget in 1859. The celebration began in 1959 and has continued every year since. The celebration of the discovery of the Dogtown Nugget runs from April 27th through April 30th in 2017.
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    Parade Party at the Depot Depot Museum  Today

    Gold Nugget Days Saturday After the Parade, April 29th, 2017, FREE LIVE MUSIC with Stillwater Savage and the Jolly Beggars! Parade Party at the Depot is the place to be, for music , food, local crafts, beer & wine, and so much more. Join us as we celebrate Gold Nugget Days and th…
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    Jolly Beggars Scottish Band at "Parade Party at the Depot" Depot Museum  Today

    Warm up for the Party at the Depot Park with the rousing favorites from the Jolly Beggars, as they march on into the park from the Gold Nugget Days Parade.

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