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Be a part of the recovery and rebuilding of our beloved Gold Nugget Museum

Yes, we've been devastated by the loss of our beloved museum. Now is the time to put our name out there and to receive the help and love of those that have been a part of our past, present, and ongoing future! Thank you to all of you who find value in our mission: To educate and inform locals and visitors of our collective history. THIS event will be chronicled in the annals of our ongoing story of the Ridge. 

In the words of the Campbell Family, longtime residents of Paradise:

"This donation is in loving memory of our beloved mother and Paradisian friend to all Joan Roberta Luther Campbell. I urgently support donating $1 per pound of that famous gold nugget to rebuild and restore the Gold Nugget Museum! Gold Nugget Days, held each spring, has been a perennial rebirth of community spirit, celebrating and sharing traditions and all that is unique and exciting about our ridge history. The Gold Nugget Museum gives that spirit a home the rest of the year. Let's do this!"

With proceeds from this fundraising effort, coupled with insurance money from the loss, we will rebuild and begin the process of restoring our physical presence on the Ridge. We are ready and eager to roll up our sleeves, dig through the ashes, and bring our beloved museum and community back to life!

Gold Nugget Days Incorporated extends a hearty thank you to those donating to the rebuild and operation of our museum. We understand the difficulty all of us are going through: Lost homes, displacement... and the unfamiliarity associated with new surroundings and situations not within our control. Members of our museum team stand ready to rebuild and continue to preserve and share the history of our home in these hills. it won't be quick, and it won't be easy, but we can do it. And we hope, in one way or another, you will be a part of it. 

Click here to donate through our GoFundMe